Welcome to Vico Morcote


Vico Morcote is definitely a place out of the ordinary.  The position is more than unique and benefits from a very special climate and atmosphere. The morning sun wakes up the village and keeps its glow till the evening. The purity of the air is unique.

It is perhaps one of the most discrete places in Ticino, but easily accessible. Lugano is only 12 minutes away, while the airport of Lugano/Agno is reachable in less than 25 minutes by car and gives you full access to most international airports. Melide, enjoys a train stop that brings you directly to Milano or in direction of Zurich. In addition, both international airports in Milano are approximately an hour away by car.

Community life is very particular, because we are only approximately 400 inhabitants, a majority from Ticino but the rest coming from all around the world. When enjoying the terrace of one of our restaurants, you can easily pick up five or six different languages. We do have a very high sense of community but at the same time have a great regard for discretion. Our municipality organises quite a few venues and trips during the year where we get to meet each other and participate in various cultural activities.

Quality of life

Nature is very predominant and offers a lot of walking area. Our village goes from the top of the mountain down to the shores of the lake, where we have a small port where one can park one's boat. Besides a few restaurants such as La Sorgente or the Ristorante Vicania,  we have a five-star hotel, the Swiss Diamond Hotel, which offers most amenities for your friends and guests. This places is also a get together place for our villagers. Not far away (5 minutes drive), Carona offers a Goldfinger-style swimming pool, embedded in a exceptional botanical garden.

On a more regional perspective, the peace and tranquility offered by Switzerland is unmatched, but the Italian part of Switzerland is particularly blessed by a very particular way of life. The weather also counts a lot for this, something that our compatriots from the German and French part of Switzerland do envy.

you have children?

  • Elementary school: our village does not have a school but our children go to Morcote for their first years and benefit from an exceptional place to start their schooling. Some wish to walk, but usually the school bus will bring your child to school and back home, including over lunch break.
  • Secondary school:  There are different solutions available and all are easily accessible by public transport.
  • Private institutions:  like most areas in Switzerland, there are plenty of private institutions and schools and Lugano has quite a few, including up to university level.

The cantonal website  provides basic information regarding schooling.

Transport and parking

As mentioned, besides the school bus, we have a service that can bring one to the main communication access points. For who does not own a private parking space, there are numerous solutions including a covered parking lot available to the inhabitants.

Fiscal situation

Our successive municipalities have always applied a very conservative approach to management and have combined both a far-reaching investment policy and a tight control on spendings.  Because of the joint knowledge offered by the municipality members, the past 30 years have been very successful at the benefit of the residing population. This has made Vico Morcote one of the most advantageous places around.


Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us and will be very glad to answer any of your questions, but please do allow for a day or two depending on your request. Even though it's a small village we do have a lots to do. If you are around town, do not hesitate either to come and pay us a visit at the municipality (check opening hours).

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